Workplace Champions Program

To assist the Service in the implementation of the Our People Matter strategy, a Workplace Champions Program will be established.

The purpose of the program is to enable the Service to achieve greater awareness of and success for the strategy by embedding ownership of activities and initiatives within each level of the organisation.

Safety & Wellbeing, People Capability Command, will have carriage of the program; developing and providing whole-of-Service programs and initiatives, providing guidance, assistance and resources, supporting the networks and facilitating training and development.

The program relies on the development of two integral volunteer roles – a Principal Workplace Champion (PWC) and a Workplace Champion.

Principal Workplace Champions

The PWC is a commissioned officer, or equivalent, delegated by the Assistant Commissioner/Executive Director to oversee and be responsible for the Our People Matter strategy within the relevant District/business group.  The PWC is essentially the link between management and staff for the purposes of giving life to the strategy.

The PWC will:

  • Ensure reporting requirements are met;
  • Provide the necessary level of influence to achieve buy in and ensure participation from both management and staff;
  • Assist Workplace Champions in the course of their role;
  • Develop the governance framework for the program;
  • Chair the local Our People Matter committee and
  • Actively manage the Workplace Champion network within their area.

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Workplace Champions

A Workplace Champion is the advocate for the strategy, promoting and co-ordinating activities at a local level, with assistance and support from both their PWC and Safety & Wellbeing.

The Workplace Champion will be the point of contact and voice for their area of responsibility.  The Workplace Champion will seek out programs, initiatives and activities to implement, dependant on the needs of the workgroup.

The Workplace Champion will:

  • Local point of contact for the Our People Matter strategy
  • Identify, promote and co-ordinate strategy activities
  • Disseminate resources and communication material on health, safety and wellbeing risks, initiatives and advice
  • Assist district/business group in strategy reporting requirements
  • Member of the local Our People Matter committee
  • Attend Safety & Wellbeing training and development, meetings and conferences as required
  • Provide input into developing the annual Our People Matter plan for their area
  • Assist and liaise with the Principal Workplace Champion

The number of Workplace Champions per business group/District will be determined by the PWC, with approval from the relevant Assistant Commissioner/Executive Director.

Network co-ordination and engagement

Safety & Wellbeing will manage the overall co-ordination of the network, including the recording and reporting of PWC and Workplace Champion positions.

PWC’s and Workplace Champions will receive training and development along with a champion’s toolkit to support knowledge transfer and sharing of information.

An initial face-to-face induction for the roles will be provided with follow-up engagement occurring throughout the year, both via face-to-face and remotely.

This volunteer network is vital to the success of the strategy and it is important to Safety & Wellbeing to recognise and reward those who go above and beyond.  Achievements may be recognised through articles in QPS publications and newsletters, awards, annual conferences, merchandise and certificates.


The success of this program relies on having the right people in these very important roles.  It also is vital that the role comes with the full support of management.  Subsequently, recruitment for Workplace Champion roles will be through an expression of interest, with a recommendation from the person’s Officer in Charge / Manager and approved by the PWC.

Due to the infancy of the program, the initial term of appointment will be 2 years to allow the person time to gain buy in, develop networks and build on successes.  This will be reviewed in the program review cycle.

This role is not transferrable, if the person was to move out of the area of responsibility, a new EOI process will need to occur.

If the person no longer wishes to undertake the role, approval from the PWC is required and advice with approval sent to Safety & Wellbeing.

For more information, email [email protected].